Five on Friday

So What Did I Miss?

So since it’s been a while, let me fill you in on what’s been going on, Five on Friday Style (in chronological order)!


#1–The Accident

At the end of July, I was in a car accident. I was on my way to my ultrasound and a car stopped suddenly in front of me. I stopped and swerved as best I could, but I still hit the car in front of me. Their car was totaled, my car was dented, but overall, I feel so fortunate that no one was seriously hurt. Even still, I sobbed at the scene of the accident. I had been doing all that I could to keep myself and my baby safe, and now I feared that I had done something to harm her. I hurried to the hospital, had my ultrasound and then was monitored for 2 days, since I was having contractions. In the end, my little girl was okay, and I was sent home to keep growing the little babe!

#2–My Baby Shower

I had the most amazing baby shower! I will be dedicating an entire post to it, but I honestly cannot thank my family enough for creating the most incredible day to celebrate baby girl and me!

#3–The Best Day Ever

And then came the best moment of August…and of 2017…and of MY LIFE! My daughter Alice was born on August 28th. I will be doing an entire post on her birth, since I love me a birth story, but I can tell you that my daughter is the most amazing little girl, and I could not imagine that I would adore someone so much.

#4–Our First Anniversary

On October 15th, C and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! We started the day with a photo shoot at the site of our wedding.

Then we had a great brunch at Long Beach Restaurant. Waffles made to order–yes please! After brunch, my parents took the baby for the night, and C and I went to dinner and stayed in a local hotel to get a full night’s sleep (the first one we had in QUITE a while). I would like to say that I didn’t constantly check in on the baby (and stop by the house once to drop off some milk)…but I did #newmama

#5–Holidays with the Babe

It’s been so much fun celebrating Alice’s first holidays with her! She and her Grandpa had a tag-team outfit for Halloween:

Then she glammed it up for Thanksgiving:

And of course, she was appropriately dressed for Hanukkah (love that dreidel tush!):

I’m so excited for her first Christmas next week, but all of the holidays so far have been spent with family, and I can feel the love and warmth of my family even more now that Alice has joined our lives.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!


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  1. Alice is so precious!! That Halloween costume is epic! So cute!!! So glad you and baby were ok during the accident. That was one of my biggest fears when I was pregnant!!

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