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What’s Hap-Pinning Wednesday: Christmas By the Numbers

I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday! It was so special to celebrate Alice’s first Christmas, and she was certainly a hit at all of the family events. Instead of going through every moment of the weekend, here the lowdown on Christmas by the numbers:

7: The number of Christmas outfits Alice’s grandparents bought her

2: The number of times we had to change Alice’s pajamas before leaving for my mom’s on Christmas morning

1/2: The amount of the couch taken over by wrapped gifts on Saturday night

  • Note that this doesn’t count the gifts wrapped in advance or those on the floor!

1 1/2: The number of times I watched Elf


10: The number of times I sang “It Feels Like Christmas” from A Muppet Christmas Carol


20: The amount of minutes it took before C and I realized we had gotten pranked by this Christmas Eve gift

5: The start time of my in-laws’ Christmas Eve party

20: The amount of dollars that could be spent on the White Elephant Gift

  • I contributed this mug and a $10 gift card to Starbucks, and I ended up with a stuffed rabbit and fleece blanket. Alice can have the rabbit, but I’m keeping the blanket!

99: The percentage of my parents’ living room floor that was covered by gifts on Christmas morning

  • Truly, I felt like I was walking into a Christmas movie (heart-eyes emoji)

3: The number of family members who will now feel safer driving with new battery jump-packs

40: The weight of the box that held my brother’s dumbells

4: The number of birthstone necklaces given

  • This was truly hilarious. C gave me a necklace with Alice and my birthstones on it. Then my mother gave me a necklace with C’s, Alice’s and my birthstones on it, and another necklace that said Mom with Alice’s birthstone. And I got my mother a necklace with her birthstone, my birthstone and Alice’s birthstone on it! In addition, both my mom and I got the book Hamilton: An American Revolution.

1,000,000: The number of times we said “awwww” to one of Alice’s gifts

4: The number of days I’ll be spending in Charleston in February, thanks to my Mom!

9: The number of layers in my brother in law’s fancy cake

3: The number of times my gal fell asleep during all of the Christmas Day excitement

It was truly a wonderful holiday, and I’m so lucky to have been able to spend it with my friends and family.

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