A Storybook Baby Shower

Since I was MIA from the blogging world at the time of my baby shower, I wanted to make sure to share the wonderful day with all of you. It truly captured the love that my family has for me and the baby along with my love for reading, which started whenย I was a baby!

The Theme

Before my family knew Alice’s name, they someone managed to embody the spirit of her namesake (my grandmother) in the baby shower by making it a storybook theme. As a child, my grandmother took me to the library every week, and she hosted both book clubs and volunteered at the library. Every single bit of the shower focused around books, down to the request for guests to bring a book for the baby!

The Decorations

Whimsical paper hot air balloons and clouds hung from the ceiling (and now hang in Alice’s nursery!)
My childhood rocking chair sat next to the wicker rocking chair where I would open my gifts. The house bookcase now holds books in Alice’s nursery.
Onesies featuring children’s book covers hung from clotheslines
Guests wrote parenting advice on library book inserts
Guests used “purple crayons” to guess the date and weight of the baby (who arrived 3 weeks before her due date!)

The Food

All of the food and snacks had a corresponding book, as can be seen here:

My aunt provided the cupcakes, topped with children’s book covers. My cousins made moon-shaped cookies to go with Goodnight Moon, and my mom made the watermelon cradle to go with The Watermelon Seed!
My niece made this amazing Very Hungry Caterpillar cake!
I’m obsessed with gummy bears, so these were the perfect treat for me! (and I took home all of the leftovers lol)
One fish, two fish…goldfish? ๐Ÿ™‚
Even the punch had a corresponding book!

I had the most amazing time at my baby shower, and I felt so loved by everyone who helped contribute to the shower and all of those who attended! I am so thankful to have such creative and loving friends and family!

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