baby, Five on Friday

Five on Friday: Bombogenesis Edition

Happy Friday all! I hope all the East Coasters are enjoying the snowy weather. I think the snow it pretty, but I could do without these frigid temperatures. Also, my husband really needs to watch Bring It On, so he understands why I’ve been doing the “Brrr It’s Cold In Here” cheer over and over.

Anywho, here’s my Friday Five!

#1–Lauren the Builder

I was so proud of myself for putting together two of Alice’s gifts this week! I finally hung up her changing table mobile, and I put together her Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper. She was amazed and quite a fan of all her new fishy friends!

#2–NY Foodie Family’s 31 Days of January Fun

While many of us may be tempted to hide under covers and binge-watch shows on Netflix all month long, Nancy from NY Foodie Family put together a list of creative things to do during the month of January. I’m definitely going to give some of them a try!

#3–A New Kind of Dogsled!

As I mentioned before, the East Coast is going through a deep freeze. I know that my dog loves to play in the snow, but I would truly love it if he could take himself sledding like this dog!

#4–Prayers for Teddy

Speaking of dogs, my mom’s dog Teddy has to have surgery today to remove a mast cell tumor. He’s a strong pup, and I’m sure the surgery will go well, but please keep him in your thoughts, since it’s so hard to see our pups when they know something isn’t right.

#5–It’s Not Trivial!

My trivia team has made it to the finals!! We compete tomorrow, and I’m hoping the trivia odds are in our favor!


Have a great weekend!