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What’s Hap-Pinning Wednesday

admin / January 10, 2018

Happy Wednesday! It’s that time of the week to turn to Pinterest and share the types of things I’ve been pinning this week! Classic Book Stair Decals Currently, the stairs in our house only lead to my husband’s office loft. However, when we eventually move, I would LOVE to add these decals to the stairs! Instant Pot Fried Rice I’m…

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One Year Ago…

admin / January 9, 2018

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope that everyone is staying safe in this crazy weather. I wanted to take a few moments today to tell the story of what happened one year ago… Early in the morning, before it was even light, I arrived at my doctor’s office to have my blood drawn. I had waited two weeks for this appointment,…

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TBB Asks

TBB Asks: New Year, New You

admin / January 8, 2018

Happy Monday everyone! Did everyone have a good weekend? Today, I’m linking up for The Blended Blog‘s TBB Asks! Resolutions or No Resolutions? Typically, I make the usual be healthier resolutions, but this year, I don’t really have resolutions. Instead I just have some guidelines for myself to try and stay happy throughout the year, including setting boundaries and not feeling…

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Five on Friday: Bombogenesis Edition

admin / January 5, 2018

Happy Friday all! I hope all the East Coasters are enjoying the snowy weather. I think the snow it pretty, but I could do without these frigid temperatures. Also, my husband really needs to watch Bring It On, so he understands why I’ve been doing the “Brrr It’s Cold In Here” cheer over and over. Anywho, here’s my Friday Five! #1–Lauren…

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baby, What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday

Alice Update: 4 Months

admin / January 3, 2018

I can’t believe my baby girl is turned four months old last week! When people say that time flies, they are TOTALLY right! Here’s some updates on our baby girl: Weight: 14 lbs! (in the 60th percentile) Height: 24.5 inches! (also in the 60th percentile) Nicknames: Bub, Bubbington (because she reminds us of my great-grandmother, or Bubbie), Little Best, Bestie,…

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Book Challenge by Erin 8.0

admin / January 2, 2018

Happy New Year everyone! The last time I attempted a book challenge, I was all kinds of pregnant and was focused more on How to Expect than anything else. Now that I’m back to long commutes and weekday lunches where I’m not holding a baby, it’s time to dive back into reading! Here are the books I plan on reading for…

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Happy New Year!

admin / January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! May this year bring you all the joy and wonder that you could imagine 🙂 NordWood Themes