Five on Friday

Five on Friday

Happy Friday, and Happy February! This month has a lot of fun things in store for my family and me, and let’s start things off right with Five on Friday!

Drunk History


Are you watching Drunk History? If not, start watching it! It is such a clever show, and I’m always impressed by the actors they get to play the historical characters. Plus, I feel like I’m learning something…even if the person telling the story is more than slightly inebriated.

2. “Home Made Baby Food Blends–Part 1” from Sept Farm

I love that Karli from Sept Farm has a baby about the same age as Alice (and two older girls) because she posted this at just the right time for me to think about blending baby foods! Her ideas for baby food blends look so yummy, and I can’t wait for Alice to try them.

3. Valentine’s Day


I know that Valentine’s Day is coming up, but it’s also the week that we leave for Florida, so I’m trying to think of something low-key to do…maybe something that we could do along with the baby? Any ideas?

4. “A Healthy Slice of Love” from A Healthy Slice of Life

Does anyone else LOVE an Instagram challenge? Brittany from A Healthy Slice of Life is hosting one for the month of February…and you could win a prize! Check out the challenge and join in–I know that I will!

5. Vacation, All I Ever Wanted!

I think I have my vacations for the year mapped out! This month, we’re heading to Florida for a week with my parents. In March, my mom, Alice and I are taking a long weekend in Charleston, SC. In July, I’m giving myself a Mom’s Day Out and will be spending a day in NYC. And HOPEFULLY in October, we’ll celebrate our 2nd anniversary in Asheville, NC!

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