Monthly Recap

January Recap

Now that we’re into the second week of February, I thought I’d recap my month of January!

Feeling Like Hamilton

In January, I was chosen to testify on behalf of my job before a Senate Committee. Did I feel like Alexander Hamilton? Why yes. Yes, I did.


Get Out the Blowtorch

On one very chilly Saturday morning, my mom, Alice and I went up to Amish country to get fabric for some quilts. When we got there, even though it was 20 minutes after the store was supposed to open, the lights were off and the sign said closed. We were very confused and upset, since we had driven all that way. It turns out that the doors were FROZEN shut. Someone who worked there came up to our car and said, “Don’t worry. Someone will be here with a blow torch to open the doors in a few minutes.” #thingsIneverthoughtIwouldhear

Winner Winner Birthday Dinner

We celebrated my parents’ birthdays with a Hawaiian dinner at Uncle’s Hawaiian Grindz and an Indian brunch at The Ambassador Dining Room.

Update on My Yearly Goals

  • I’ve already visited 2/10 states: Pennsylvania and Delaware!
  • I’ve completed 1/4 series: Big Little Lies! Who wants to discuss???
  • My husband and I have made 4 Instant Pot recipes so far!
  • I’ve been doing pretty well with blogging at least 3 times per week!
  • I have almost every day in January included in my 1SE video!

How was your January?