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TBB Asks–Love Edition

I know that this link-up began a few days ago, but hey, you can’t put a time limit on discussing love, right? So here are my thoughts on love and Valentine’s Day:

Kisses or Hugs?

Both! My husband gives the best hugs, and my daughter has started giving amazing juicy kisses!

Candy or Flowers?

As much as I love flowers, I never can keep them alive. So candy is safer (and more delicious).

Baking or Cooking?

100% Baking!

Do You Remember Your First Kiss?

Yes, I do. It was at the end of a first date with my first boyfriend.

Favorite Color of Roses?


Conversation Hearts, Yes or No?

Yes for decoration, no for eating.

Do You Leave Love Notes?

Not anymore, but I used to!

Do You Decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Not this year, but I want to decorate Alice’s nursery next year!

Red or Pink?


Milk, White or Dark Chocolate?

Milk chocolate!

Do You Believe in Love at First Sight?

I do! It’s the romantic in me 🙂

Do You Give Humorous or Serious Valentine’s Cards?

It depends on the person. I always give serious ones to my husband, but usually a funny one from the dogs 😉

Favorite Chick Flick or Romantic Movie?

The Princess Bride!


Stay In or Go Out?

I’ve always send that my dream date would be pizza in front of a roaring fire at home 🙂

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