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TBB Asks: Beauty Edition

I’m not know for being made-up and glammed-up…

But I do try to at least look presentable! And there have been times when I feel like I’ve looked downright gorgeous!

Anyway, The Blended Blog came up with some beauty questions for the month of March, and here are my personal preferences when it comes to beauty!

Eyelash Curler: Yes or No?

No. I have really long eyelashes that would probably benefit from being curled…but no eyelash curler.

Favorite Nail Shade?


Channing from Zoya–it looks like a sparkling sunset to me!

Favorite Lipstick Shade?


Charmed from Victoria’s Secret

Blow Dry or Air Dry Hair?

I typically air dry because of time constraints, and honestly, my hair gets a little big when it’s blown dry.

Artificial Nails: Yes or No?

Oh no. I’m lucky enough for have nice fingernails 🙂

Foundation: Yes or No?

I do use foundation. I actually have to use a special sensitive skin foundation because the one that I used for years up until I got pregnant suddenly made my skin break out 🙁

Hair Up or Hair Down?

Typically hair down, although I should wear it up more now that Alice is a hair-puller lol.

Bar Soap or Body Wash?

Definitely body wash. Something about multiple people using the same soap now creeps me out.

Bath or Shower?

I typically take a shower, although I do love a nice bubble bath when I have the time.

Favorite Body Lotion?


Vanilla Bean Noel from Bath and Body Works–I eagerly wait for it every year!

Do You Wear Perfume?

Nope, it gives me a headache 🙁

Do You Shave Your Legs Everyday?

Ummmm…I should…but I don’t.

Favorite Lip Balm?

Probably Chapstick, but I’m not as addicted to lip balm as some others.

How Old Were You When You First Started Wearing Makeup?

Hmmm…I guess 14ish? It wasn’t pretty at that age (i.e. blue eyeshadow), but I’ve worn it off and on ever since.


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