Mom Confessions: Do What You Gotta Do

I’ve been a mother now for 6 months, and while I’d like to say that every moment has been perfect…well, it hasn’t. By this, I mean that sometimes I’m just not as completely prepared for situations as I would like. So, here are some real, and somewhat embarrassing, things that I’ve done to make the best of a situation:

When I ran out of burp cloths…


Before Alice was born, I naively thought that having a handful of burp cloths would suffice. I was 100% wrong. I often found myself having gone through all of the burp cloths, and then it was time to Alice to eat (and spit up) again. So what did I do? I used onesies and nightgowns. Yep, I would throw a onesie or nightgown over my shoulder, and it worked exactly the same.

When I forgot pumping bags at home…


Of course I had remembered to pick up the new supply of pumping freezer bags at Target the day before, but did I remember to bring them to work with me? No. So, I found the only plastic bags we had at work…gallon-sized bags. I arranged it so that milk from both sides dripped into the bag, and I worked amazingly well! I’m glad that no one witnessed it happening, but hey, it worked!

When I forgot to bring anything to entertain Alice in the car…

Let me rewind a bit. Regularly readers of the blog know of my love for Hamilton. So, when Alice was in the womb, I often found her swimming around quite a bit when Phillipa Soo would sing as Eliza.


Because of this, when Alice gets especially fussy in the car, occasionally playing some Hamilton songs featuring Eliza seems to help calm her down a bit. Does this work every time? Oh heavens no. Will I play her the soundtrack as much when she can repeat some of the more risque lyrics? Probably now. But for now, it works well enough to keep those 6-month old tears to a minimum.

Have you ever had any fly by the seat of your pants mommy moments?

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