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TV Wows for the Week

Now that we finally have power back, I was able to catch up on some of the TV I had missed. There were some great TV moments from the past week, so SPOILER ALERT for those of you who haven’t caught up yet!

Mina from The Resident


I was two episodes behind on The Resident, and while Logan, I mean Conrad, is still just swimming in hotness, he can’t top the awesomeness that is Mina Okafor. Not only did she basically run the show between 3 simultaneous surgeries while the “expert” doctor floundered with one patient, but she also survived a mugging and brought the attacker to the ER after she kicked his butt. Pure awesomeness.

Game Night at Grey’s


Thinking back, I’ve attended some pretty memorable game nights. At one game night, my friend’s boyfriend proposed to her during a game of Cranium. At another game night, my partner for Scene It! was basically asleep the whole time but managed to wake up long enough to answer an impossible question. But man, oh man, nothing beat game night at Meredith Grey’s. First of all, Bitter Drunk April made an appearance, followed by the sleazy brain specialist. But my personal favorite was how the evening ended with Maggie’s boyfriend’s WIFE showing up!

Married at First Sight


Upon recommendation from Jenn, I started watching Married at First Sight. Much like the The Bachelor, it’s one of those shows that I can’t believe I’m watching, but I can’t look away because I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!!! The couple I thought was doomed seems to have the strongest relationship now, and the couple that seemed the happiest is on the rocks…I’m so sucked in, and tonight’s episode can’t come fast enough!

What did you enjoy on TV this week?