Five on Friday

Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

Here’s what’s been going on in our world this week:

1–Closing Time…

I can’t believe that we close on our house 2 weeks from today!!! I’m so excited to start moving things over and setting up our new home. I doubt we’ll really be living there until the weekend following closing, but I’m still SUPER excited!

2–Prayers Please

I never want to use this blog to expose those who do not want to be featured on the internet, but I also don’t want to feel like I’m hiding things either. So all I’m going to say is that my family is going through a sad time right now and could use some prayers for strength. Thank you 🙂

3–Woodberry Kitchen

Finally on the mend from the virus that would never end, I was able to bring C out for his 30th birthday dinner at Woodberry Kitchen. You guys, the food was simply incredible. I had the cast iron chicken and biscuits, and I swear I could have eaten a baker’s dozen of those biscuits…and then another 4 or 5 after that. The dessert I ordered, called a Good Ol’ C.M.P, is made with chocolate, marshmallows and wet peanuts, and it is INCREDIBLE.

4–Alice’s First Easter

Alice definitely enjoyed her first Easter at C’s aunt’s farm. She was marveled by the horses (including the baby foals), and she went on her first Easter egg hunt!

5–Arlo’s First Birthday from Studio D.I.Y.


Do you ever wish you could be a little kid again just for a day (and not just for the naps)? I swear, I would love a time machine to go back in time and have Kelly Mindell plan my birthday party. Actually, let me rephrase: can Kelly Mindell just plan my birthday parties from here on out? READ THIS POST and marvel in all of the wonder of her son Arlo’s first birthday!


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  1. What a happy Easter! Congrats on your new house & thinking of your family during this sad time. Hope you have a nice weekend. Wouldn’t it be nice to squeeze in nap!?!

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