The Perks of Having a Baby When You’re a Little Older

When I was a teenager, my plan was to have my first baby at the age of 25. I assumed that I would meet my husband in college, get married soon afterwards and be a mommy at 25. Of course, life never happens in the way you would expect. I met my husband when I was almost 31, we got married when I was 36, and I was almost 37 when Alice made her way into the world.

There are days when I wish that Alice had come into my life twelve years ago, as I had planned, but I’ve come to find that there are many perks to becoming a mom a little later in life:

A Wealth of Knowledge and Support

By the time I had Alice, I had spent years baby-sitting and helping my friends with their children. Through this experience, I was given so much advice on how to raise a child. My friends taught me tricks to get their babies to sleep (car rides FTW) and what toys their kids loved best (typically, items that aren’t toys). Even more importantly, I feel like I have many people around me who are more than willing to listen when I feel like I’ve barely slept in days and wonder if I’ll ever get a full night’s sleep again.

Hand-Me Downs

When I found that I was having a girl, one of my friends said, “Great! Would you like the baby clothes from our two girls?” I said yes and was presented with–wait for it–13 bags full of clothes! And these clothes just ranged from newborn through 12 months! Since then, I’ve gotten more bags with 18 month and 2T clothes! One of my coworkers asked if I wanted her granddaughter’s infant Disney princess gowns. These gowns are INCREDIBLE, and I’m a little jealous that my daughter gets to wear them instead of me!

There’s an App for That!

If I had given birth to Alice 12 years ago, my options for finding things for her would have been much more limited than they are today. While this might make my wallet happier, I feel so lucky for Instagram shops with precious vintage baby outfits and apps like thredUp that offer gently-used baby clothes for WAY less than baby clothes in a store. And honestly, I don’t know how people raised a child before Amazon Prime. I mean, sure, I actually do know, but it is SO much easier when your daughter decides she hates being in the car and you need things to entertain her ASAP!

Do I wish that I had those 12 extra years with Alice? Of course. But honestly, she was well worth the wait.