What I’m Watching

There are a lot of great shows that I could be watching (and should be watching). But with a limited about of time in the day (and space on my DVR), I currently have my TV-watching schedule narrowed down to the following shows:



What It’s About: The show is about a criminal psychology professor who used to work for the CIA and is now helping the NYPD to solve mysterious crimes.

What Do I Think: I started watching this show because my brother worked on it as a background production assistant. But I knew I’d be intrigued anyway because Alan Cumming is so witty, and the plot lines of each episode keep me on my toes!

The Resident


What It’s About: Dr. Conrad Hawkins is part of a team of residents at a prestigious hospital in Atlanta. He’s a bit rogue in his methods, but he almost always has excellent results with his patients…unlike the heads of surgery and oncology, who are definitely not following the “first do no harm” part of the Hippocratic oath.

What Do I Think: Hey, I’ll watch just about anything with Logan Huntzberger, I mean Matt Czurchy, who plays Conrad, but I think that the show is pretty solid. I’m not entirely sure what they’re going to do with next season, since it seems as though they would have to get rid of some major characters if the bad guys go down. And what happens when he becomes an attending?

Married at First Sight


What It’s About: Well…it’s about people who get married at first sight. Actually, psychologists and sociologists pair them up, so it’s not completely random. After 8 weeks, they decide to stay married or get divorced.

What Do I Think: I’m totally sucked into this show. 110%. And there was a twist last week that TOTALLY threw me for a loop! Is it high-brow entertainment? No. Am I going to watch again next season? Oh absolutely.

The Challenge: Vendettas


What It’s About: Former Real World and Road Rules cast members join up with others to battle it out for big money. Drunkenness, hook-ups and hilarity ensues.

What Do I Think: I’ve watched almost every season of this show. I have my favorites (including Zack and CT), and I don’t know why they continue to let some people on the show (like Camila). I know that I’ll continue watching as long as they keep making the show!

Grey’s Anatomy


What It’s About: Dr. Meredith Grey and the other amazing surgeons at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital–breaking my heart every week.

What Do I Think: It hasn’t been my favorite season, but I’m sticking with it. Honestly, as long as Jackson Avery is still on this show, I’ll stick around for SURE.

Alex, Inc.


What It’s About: Zach Braff’s character decides to quit his job at a radio station and start his own podcast company.

What Do I Think: It’s such a charming show, both funny and endearing. It warms my heart but also makes me laugh out loud.

House Hunters


What It’s About: People look at the pros and cons of three different houses before choosing one to buy.

What Do I Think: This show is just the best. I love trying to guess which house they’ll buy, and then I always have one that I think they should buy. It’s also a great show for middle of the night feedings–it keeps me awake, but I don’t have to feel committed to an entire episode.

Are you watching any of these shows?

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  1. I LOVE Grey’s, too! I just get sucked in every single week. Do you think we’ll see that dr patient that Meredith saved come up again?? They were cute together 🙂 I’m watching The Voice, Counting On, Grey’s and the occasional cooking show.

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