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Show Us Your Books: April to May 2018

It’s that time, folks (insert fanfare)! Time for another edition of Show Us Your Books! Here’s what I’ve been reading in the past month!

The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter (3 out of 5 Stars)


I have seen this book recommended over and over, and I can understand why. It’s definitely suspenseful, and there are some twists that I did not see coming. However, it seemed as though there were a LOT of storylines happening in this book…almost too many. I was able to guess some of the “surprising” twists ahead of time, and there were a few parts that were so disturbing that I had to step away from the book. But, like I said, it was suspenseful and often very smart.

Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler (Did Not Finish)


I tried to like Sweetbitter. I know that it’s being turned into a television series, and I thought that the premise of a girl making it in New York seemed very Sex and the City. But I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe I just don’t have enough of an appreciation for wine.

What did you read this month?

12 thoughts on “Show Us Your Books: April to May 2018

  1. i’ve heard not-great-things about Sweetbitter, so you’re not alone there. i haven’t read any of karin slaughter’s books but that one is on my list!

  2. I added the Good Daughter to my list, it was recommended so many times. I’m hoping that after Game of Thrones, it won’t seem like too many story lines!

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