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Reading with My Daughter

This week, I did something that I never realized I had been waiting years to do: I pre-registered my daughter for her first summer reading program. I can remember being so excited for summer to begin for two reasons: vacation and summer reading. I was never the type of child to spend my summer as far away from learning as possible. Due to my grandmother’s influence, I treated the library like it was a second home.

And now as the summer temps are arriving, and the days are getting longer, I will find a day each week to bring my daughter to the library. Before the summer is over, she might be toddling over to the books and pulling ones that she’d like off of the shelves.

If Alice is anything like her mama, she’ll be drawn to the “Spot” series of books:


And Amelia Bedelia:


And eventually anything written by Beverley Cleary:


But no matter what she chooses, I will be so happy to sit with her before bed each night, as we lose ourselves in story.