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June Recap

It’s July already?!?! Well, the weather certainly makes it FEEL like July, but the calendar from this year is just flying by. Here’s what June looked like in my world:

9 Months for Alice

On the first of the month, I brought Alice to the doctor for her 9 month checkup. The doctor was very pleased with her progress, and we were told that Alice would need to graduate from her infant car seat soon (#allthetears).

Frank’s Memorial

On the second day of June, our family held a memorial for my dad. Over 400 people came to the memorial service! This was incredibly heartwarming, knowing that he had made such a profound impact on so many lives. As Frank was an avid sailor, we arranged for a local charter ship to be present at the memorial. If you want to read my speech from the service, you can click here.

School Days

Alice and I went to visit the daycare/preschool where I had wanted her to go starting at the age of 1. I knew there is typically a waiting list of at least a year, but they were able to find a spot for Alice to attend 2 days a week starting in August! I can’t wait for her to make friends and learn so much!

Sick Days


And then…the bronchitis came. Honestly, this thing was a BEAST. I almost never take sick days at work, but my throat was sore, I could barely speak, and I had a horrible, hacking cough. I’m almost FINALLY done with antibiotics, but just as I’m getting better, C caught it. Knock on wood, Alice still seems healthy, and hopefully we’ll keep it that way!

Early 4th Fun

I wrapped up the month by bringing Alice with me to my friend’s annual 4th of July party. We only stayed for a short while, but it was long enough for Alice to become fascinated with an ax-throwing competition and with their little Jack Russell terrier Gilly!

What did June look like for you?

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  1. I am so sorry that you battled bronchitis recently. I hate that. Mine turned into walking pneumonia a couple months ago. I am glad your father’s memorial had a great turn out and everyone could celebrate them.

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