Five on Friday

Five on Friday


Happy Friday everyone! I’m sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve written, but honestly, it’s because my child won’t sleep. Actually, that’s not true. She’ll sleep…but ONLY if I’m holding her. So she’s pretty well rested, but I’m a zombie. Hopefully this will turn around soon because good gracious I’m tired.


Anyway, here’s my 5 on Friday for the week:

1–Vacation, baby!


Finally, finally, FINALLY baby Alice and I leave for vacation tonight! We have had several vacations planned this year, all of which were rescheduled due to illnesses. But Alice and I are leaving for Charleston, South Carolina tonight! It’s her first plane trip, so I will definitely be blogging about that next week along with details of the entire trip!

2–“Road Trip Essentials: The Ultimate Playlist” from Coordinator of Chaos

I’m not taking a road trip this time, but this playlist of Holly’s is legit! I mean, who doesn’t love singing along to “Summer Nights” from Grease and “Pump It” from the Black Eyed Peas???

3–Baby, You’re a Snoozing Firework

My precious little firework stayed up until it was time for the show…and then slept through the whole dang thing!

4–Colton, Don’t Fail Me Now…


Okay, I’m getting a little nervous about this Monday’s Bachelorette. The previews are showing that Tia is taking Becca aside to talk to her about something, and I’m really hoping that he didn’t pull a Dean and call her behind Becca’s back. I saw a picture that’s allegedly Colton and Becca on the set of Bachelor in Paradise, but we’ll see…

5–Movie Date

I went out to the movies for the first time since December to see Ocean’s 8 with my niece. It was really entertaining! It’s definitely on par with the Ocean’s 11 franchise, and the list of cameos was out of control!

Have a fabulous weekend, and follow my IG and IG stories for sneak peeks at our Charleston adventures!


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  1. Sorry she isn’t sleeping! That is rough! Zoe went through a little spell like that awhile back. I am mean and did cry it out to break her from it. Worked like a charm for her, but broke my heart for a few nights. I hope you have the best time in Charleston!!!

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