In Case You Missed It: Alice’s Birth Story

admin / August 27, 2018

Alice turns a year old tomorrow!!! So in case you missed it, here’s her birth story once again šŸ™‚ A little backstory first. My blood pressure was a bit high at the beginning of my pregnancy, so my doctor had me take a baby aspirin every day until 36 weeks. However, somewhere around 34 weeks, my doctors started to get…

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Five on Friday

Five on Friday: Posts I Love

admin / August 24, 2018

Happy Friday, one and all! I’m in full-on super planner mode as Alice’s first birthday party is this Sunday!!!! I can’t wait to tell you all about it and share pictures, but for today, I’m sharing some recent posts that have struck a chord with me! 1. “7 Reasons You Know You’re Married to a Disneyland Hater” fromĀ Girls Traveling I…

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Film Challenge

Fall Film Challenge

admin / August 22, 2018

I love watching movies–and I especially love going to the movies. This isn’t as easy with Baby Girl in tow, but it doesn’t mean I need to give up the habit. So, once again, I’m joining the Fall Film Challenge! Last time…I think I maybe watched 1 or 2? But hey, I was planning a wedding! Let’s see how I’ll…

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A Few of My Favorite Things

admin / August 21, 2018

Sure, raindrops and whiskers are all fine and good. But here are some of my current favorite things! Bachelor in Paradise Honestly, is there any type of entertainment better than the trainwreck that isĀ B.I.P.? Okay, so it’s not all a trainwreck, and I’m a sucker for love, but man, some of these folks are a hot mess. I’m looking at…

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Five on Friday

Five on Friday

admin / August 17, 2018

Happy Friday one and all! This weekend is going to be chock-full of birthday party planning, since Alice’s birthday party is NEXT WEEKEND! Let’s all take a moment while I try not to sob about my baby girl being a year old. Anyway, here’s my 5 on Friday for the week: #1–B.I.P. So, I could honestly write an entire post…

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Girl Chat

Girl Chat: Favorite Quotes to Live By

admin / August 16, 2018

It won’t surprise many people that I find most of my most meaningful quotes from television shows. Hey man, they have great writers for a reason! When the something just doesn’t matter… via When someone is just too stupid… via When EVERYONE is just too stupid… via When I need to get real about myself… via When I’m ready for…

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What's Hap-Pinning Wednesday

What’s Hap-Pinning Wednesday

admin / August 15, 2018

Come onnnnnn week…let’s get to Friday already! In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been pinning lately! Growth Chart Ruler via Alice is still my baby girl, but she’s getting tall so quickly! I was thinking that a growth chart that looks like the rulers from my old school days would be super cute!Ā  20 Items to Buy at Trader Joe’s…

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Show Us Your Books

Show Us Your Books–July to August

admin / August 14, 2018

Not a great reading month for me, unless you count board books (love me someĀ Are You a Cow?). But here’s what I’ve tackled in the book department: Camino Island by John Grisham (3 out of 5 Stars) via This is the first John Grisham book that I’ve read sinceĀ The Firm years and years ago, and I have to say that…

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Alice Sees the USA, Uncategorized

Charleston–Day 2

admin / August 13, 2018

Remember in the first post how Alice slept for seven straight hours on the first night in Charleston? Uh, yeah, that wasn’t the case with the second night. First of all, the loud air conditioner kept waking her up, and to add insult to injury, the dog in the next room (who had clearly been left alone) would not stop…

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Five on Friday

Five on Friday

admin / August 10, 2018

I’m so glad it’s Friday…especially because I head to the beach with my mom and Alice tomorrow! Well, the outlets and boardwalk tomorrow, and we’ll be lounging on the beach Sunday. In the meantime, here’s my 5 on Friday! 1. Scaring My 9 Year-Old Self via Andrea fromĀ Momfessionals posted this meme recently, and it honestly could not be a truer…

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