Five on Friday

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Here’s a quick post for today, and I hope hope HOPE I’ll be able to write more next week!

1–“Spending November” from The Girl Who Loved to Write

I just love Chelsea’s to-do lists for the month. This one I am ALL OVER because it includes so many things that I both need and want to do! Christmas list? Already started! Drink hot apple cider? Done!

2–Poor Little Ears

Welp, it’s official: Alice is having tubes put in her ears on the 15th. While I am so happy that she will finally have some relief from the pain and fevers (and apparently will hear better, too), I definitely got choked up when I heard words like “pre-op” and “anesthesia.” I know it’s a routine procedure, but send a few prayers our way that day, if you don’t mind!

3-“Things to Do in Charlotte with Kids” from A Healthy Slice of Life

At some point, I definitely want to take Alice to Charlotte. It looks like such a fun city, and I’m obsessed with several bloggers from that area. Thanks to Brittany, now I know that there are so many things that I can do with Alice while I’m there!


Because I listen to Here to Make Friends, I was able to hear a preview of season 2 of the podcast IVFML. This is a podcast hosted by a couple as they struggle through the stages of infertility, but it’s done in such a personal, real, and funny way that I both laughed and cried along with them. Yes, this is accurate. On my way back to work after a meeting, I was driving through Baltimore City CRYING as I listened to one of the episodes from the first season. But at the same time, I laughed out loud so many times, and they have one of the most perfect infertility quotes of all time: “Even Beyonce didn’t get Blue Ivy the first try.”

5–Dr. Deluca, Stat!

I always thought that Giacomo Gianniotti (Dr. Deluca on Grey’s Anatomy) was attractive, but is it just me, or has he gotten so much hotter this season? Thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. GIRL YES to Dr. Deluca. I am so excited at the idea that he & Meredith may be an item.
    Ahhh – prayers for your sweet baby. Just keep in mind – the surgery is so fast. Like, before you even get a chance to get comfortable, they’ll be calling you back to recovery. Take something to distract you for a short period of time!

  2. I agree with Dr. Deluca being on my radar this season, too. Wonder who he will end up with?? Thinking of you and Alice on the 15th! I know it’s scary to send your kids off for procedures. Everything will go great and I hope you see some quick results.

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