Alice’s Second Halloween

Last year, Alice was barely 8 weeks old when Halloween rolled around, so I didn’t want to do too much for her first Halloween. This year, however, I was so excited to celebrate with her!

I took the day off of work because I wanted to be present for all parts of the day, even the beginning…which was an appointment with the pediatric ENT. That’s when we found out that she was going to need tubes in her ears, which I wrote about last week.

After the doctor’s appointment, it was time to head over to Alice’s school for her Halloween party and parade. Alice usually doesn’t go to school on Wednesdays, but they invite all of the students to join in the festivities. C and I got their early with Alice and did our best to help the teachers get things in order before the parade. Alice took this time to do some dishes (which I might add, she never does at home lol).

Because of her determination to walk, Alice ended up leading her class in the parade. Because all of the kids in Alice’s class are under 2 years old, they didn’t get candy during the parade, but they sure looked cute!

Once they paraded around, the kids headed back to the classroom for the Halloween lunch. Between the school and the parents, the kids feasted on puree pouches, fruit, cheese, pizza, gummies and cookies…and juice boxes. Oh dear, the juice boxes. Most of the kids had not used these before, and so one of the girls decided to turn her lunch into a stew by dumping out the entire juice box onto the plate, and others (including my daughter) squeezed juice onto themselves. Sigh. But at least they all had fun.

After the party, C, Alice and I went to lunch, and then we parted ways so that C could go home to prepare for trick-or-treaters, and Alice and I could rest up before she would go trick-or-treating for the first time! At first, it seemed like the afternoon was DRAGGING on, but then in a flash, it was 6:30, and we were ready to head on out!

I was very curious to see how Alice would handle trick or treating. I didn’t want her to be scared, so if any of the houses looked too spooky, I shied away. But she was excitedly pointing out any houses with lights, so we would head in their direction!

We rolled up the street in Alice’s stroller, stopping at the houses where people were at the ends of their driveways. Lots of families in the neighborhood build bonfires out front and hand out candy from there. One of those families is Macy’s family, so we walked to her house to visit with Alice’s bestie Olivia.

After some more trick-or-treating, we went back to my mom’s house for some s’mores. Alice took her candy out of her Elmo bucket and organized it–truly the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

We were just getting ready to leave, when there was a knock at the door: Macy, Dave and Olivia were back for another visit! The girls were so cute with each other–my heart was just BURSTING!

It was such a fun evening, and I know that my dad, who loved Halloween, was looking down on us and smiling 🙂

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