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And THAT’S When You Get Pulled Over

In today’s post, I’m writing a letter to myself, and I hope that I’ll listen to my own advice. Since I know that there are other super overachievers out there, maybe these words will help you, too.

Dear Lauren,

I’m sorry that you’re spending your day off confined to a bed with food poisoning instead of making good use of the day, but this is really the perfect time to talk to you about your to-do list. You’ve REALLY got to cut back on it.

I know that you have a long commute during the week, and you don’t want to give up time that can be spent with Alice, but that doesn’t mean that you need to run yourself ragged to finish every other possible thing that needs to be done. Remember a few weeks ago when you needed to find time to go to the store before leaving to meet your mom? You got up extra early so that you could pick up your Walmart order and make it back in time. But you have a toddler, which means that you’re really running on her schedule. You realized that you were running late, and so you didn’t notice that the speed limit on the busy road had changed to 30 MPH and THAT’S when you got pulled over.

All jokes aside, this is an example of why you need to cut yourself some slack. Ask others for help. Or realize that some things really can wait until the next day.

As for today, rest, recuperate, and watch the heck out of some HGTV.

Love, Lauren

2 thoughts on “And THAT’S When You Get Pulled Over

  1. Oh girlfriend. I hope you’re feeling better. It’s so hard to be a perfectionist and go-getter and try and let go a little bit. I feel You. Xo!

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