Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for the absence–my website was being wonky, and it turns out that my domain expired.

But no worries! Here are some of my favorites from this mostly delightful holiday week! (I say “mostly delightful” because I’ve been battling bronchitis and sinusitis, but I’m determined to focus on the positive!)

Alice’s Holiday Party

On the Friday before Christmas, I attended Alice’s holiday lunch at school. As always, the kids were just precious, but I must admit that my little Santa baby was stealing the show 😉

Holiday Episodes

One of my favorite parts about the month of December is watching the holiday-themed episodes of my favorite shows. My all-time favorite: “The One with the Holiday Armadillo” from Friends

Christmas Eve Party

Every year, C’s family hosts a Christmas Eve party. I think Alice was a little overwhelmed by all of the people, but she still looked beautiful and had a great time. In more important news, I totally killed it in the White Elephant Swap, walking away with a super comfy Ravens blanket!

Christmas Day

As always, Christmas Day was truly magical. This year, however, it was even more meaningful because Alice understood more. On the other hand, it was sad because it was our first Christmas without my dad, who always dressed up as Santa Claus and had certain traditions regarding the opening of presents. My mom gave us each something of my dad’s as a gift, and she gave me his gavel from when he was the president of our neighborhood association.

How was your holiday week? Hopefully this sickness is almost gone and I’ll be back in blogging action next week!

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