Hello Monday

Hello Monday!

Happy Monday folks! I could have definitely used some more weekend, but it was also a busy one, so REALLY, I’m looking for a spare nap if anyone has one šŸ˜‰ Here’s a recap of my weekend!

Friday Night

Friday night was pretty low-key. C had to work late for the third night in a row, and he got home just in time to say goodnight to Alice before she went to bed. We ordered in some Italian food and watched New Girl before I announced that I was tired and was going to grab a shower and go to bed. To which my husband replied, “You mean you’re going to take a shower and then watch Real Housewives in bed.” He knows me too well šŸ˜‰


Saturday started out as all Saturdays should…with a trip to Target. I had to grab some things to slowly make the transition of my house from Christmas to Valentine’s Day.

Once Alice got up from her nap, C, Alice and I went down into the city to see the townhouse that my nephew and his girlfriend are renting. The house was adorable with exposed brick in the living room and an amazing rooftop deck where we could see these fabulous views:

Alice was a little overwhelmed by the crowd:

Until she discovered by niece’s bling:

And started organizing candy:

C didn’t have much to eat at the party, so we drove through Arby’s on the way home, and C got this monstrosity of a sandwich with FIVE DIFFERENT MEATS.


As is typical on a Sunday, Alice and I hit up Wegman’s in the morning, where she “drove her car.”

After the store, I dropped Alice at my in-laws’ house, and C and I headed to the Kennedy Center to see MissĀ Saigon.

I’ve been obsessed with that soundtrack for YEARS, so I was thrilled when C got me tickets to the show for Christmas. One way to make his wife happy is to get her theater tickets!

While I wish that it were still the weekend, I must say that I’m glad that it’s Monday because I’m so ready for TheĀ Bachelor tonight! Happy Monday to you all!

5 thoughts on “Hello Monday!

  1. I have never watched The Bachelor and I said I would this year to see what the hype is all about. My husband said, “Oh it’s pretty good.” Wait, what? LOL! That towel is adorable!

    1. Hahahaha! My husband sat down and watched some of it with me last night. For someone who is “not interested,” he sure did watch for quite a while lol!

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