Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday folks! I’ve over here hoping that it won’t REALLY snow so that I can hang with some friends and their kiddos this weekend, but we’ll see! In the meantime, here’s some favorites of mine!

“3 Days to Ditch the Clutter (Day 1)” from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

My gal Courtney had a guest blogger this week who gave some tips to get rid of clutter, and I was so excited to hear about The Give Back Box. Ever heard of it? I hadn’t! Apparently, you can use The Give Back Box to have Amazon deliver things to your local Goodwill! Just print out the label and have FedEx deliver it! You’re decluttering and saving time–a win-win!

Black and White Mocha

Y’all. There are no words. This new Starbucks drink is so dang DELICIOUS!!!! Do yourself a favor and grab one while they’re still available.

“Family Road Trip” from Coordinator of Chaos

I love a good road trip, but I never thought of the others traveling along the same roads. I’m mainly focused on the destination. Holly’s family did the sweetest thing on their trip to Jacksonville, Florida. They bought scratch off tickets and left them along with a sweet note for the next person using their gas pump. How amazing is that?! I’m totally incorporating this random act of kindness on my next road trip.

What have been your favorites this week? Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet words about our road trip RAKs! Stop back soon on my site for a free printable to make sharing the love on your next trip super easy!

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